Davis Reading Program for Young Learners

Appropriate for ages 5-8

1. Informal Assessment

This informal assessment takes about 1 hour. It is designed to evaluate the child’s learning style and discuss learning goals with the parent

2. 30 hour program

Provided in 3 hour sessions over a ten day period

A parent or designated support person will be observing and participating throughout the program

The child will learn the following mental-focusing techniques

  • Davis Focusing
  • Release
  • Energy Dial
  • Koosh Ball exercises

Letter and Alphabet Mastery

The child will model and master upper case and lower case letters in clay, and then master each. Several punctuation marks will be mastered as well.

Davis Symbol Mastery

The child and parent/support person will learn a method to master basic words that are encountered in reading – “a”, “and”, “the”, “for”….

Davis Reading Exercises

The child and parent will learn how to use these exercises to develop reading tracking, fluency and comprehension.

3. Support Training & Instruction

This will be provided throughout the program, and 3, two hour follow up sessions are included. There is time to develop a plan for doing the ongoing work


Program outcome

After working with a Davis Facilitator, the child and parent will know how to use the Davis methods to successfully complete the full list of trigger words and punctuation marks. They will also know how to master any other words that cause disorientation.

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Meet the Instructor: Jean Moser

I love helping people learn how to learn . 

I discovered that I am dyslexic while I was in training. It was freeing to realize that, although I struggled in my college studies, it wasn’t because I wasn’t trying hard enough. It was because I needed a different way to learn.

My son struggled to read and do math although he was bright, talented and eager to learn.  After years of trying numerous other things, we found the Davis Dyslexia Correction program. In 5 days, he was reading on grade level.  After completing the math program he was able to do math successfully. He went on to complete college with honors.

The Davis methods use our imaginations (what we’re good at) to help us learn. I have also helped people with the Young Learners kit/program.  I have been licensed for 15 years and have helped over 150 people with these methods. 

Jean moser learning tools for dyslexia