A New Way to
Master Learning

Our students learn how to master ideas, gain a way to orient themselves, get rid of frustration/tension, and learn how to control their energy.

Our Programs

For students with dyslexia, we use the Davis Dyslexia Correction, Davis Reading Program for Young Learners, Davis Math Mastery and Davis Attention Mastery. For students with autism or ADHD, we use Davis Stepping Stones, Davis Autism Approach, and Davis Concepts for Life.

When our students complete any of the Davis programs, they learn how their brain works, and how to eliminate confusion. Our students learn a new way to learn anything

About Dyslexia

It can show as reversals, but it can also look like trouble with reading and/or comprehension.  It can show up as trouble with spelling or writing. Underneath each issue is a three dimensional way of thinking that creates a giftedness while causing issues with symbols.


About Autism

Autism spectrum condition (ASC) is characterized by diverse social interactions, communication challenges, and restricted, repetitive patterns of behavior. It's a broad range of conditions that reflect neurological differences.

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About ADHD

ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is characterized by persistent patterns of inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity that interfere with functioning or development. It involves more than just difficulty maintaining attention.

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Learning tools for life when phonics doesn’t work 1

When Phonics Doesn’t Work

Traditional tutoring for dyslexia relies on intensive instruction in phonemic awareness and the phonetic code. But such teaching is an arduous process for many students. Often progress is slow, relying heavily on repetition and “overlearning.” While basic decoding skills may improve, students may continue to lag…

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Learning tools for life the undiagnosed teenager with dyslexia 3

The Undiagnosed Teenager with Dyslexia

Often, very bright children are able to compensate for their dyslexia in the early school years, but cannot cope with the greater intellectual demands of secondary level schooling. Some common signs that your teenager may have dyslexia are: Your child must repeatedly read and reread…

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Learning tools for life common characteristics of adult dyslexia 5

Common Characteristics of Adult Dyslexia

Most adult dyslexics will exhibit at least 10 of the following traits and behaviors. These characteristics are often inconsistent, and may vary depending upon the day or situation. Career: Employed in job/position that will hide difficulties or not require dealing with problematic areas. Hides difficulties…

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Jean moser learning tools for dyslexia

Meet Jean Moser

I love helping people learn how to learn .  It’s a delight to watch individuals realize that they are smart, and there’s nothing wrong with their brain.  It’s amazing to realize there’s another way to learn. The Davis methods use our imaginations (what we’re good at) to help us learn.