What is Autism?

People on the autism spectrum are individuals with unique gifts and talents and immense potential.  Yes, there are challenges. However, this does not mean they are ‘broken’, nor does it mean they need to be ‘cured’ or that their autism needs to be ‘fixed’.  

Isn’t autism just about social awkwardness?

Autism may manifest through various traits:

Difficulties in understanding social cues

Challenges with verbal and non-verbal communication

Highly focused interests or hobbies

Need for routine and structure

Sensory sensitivities

Exceptional abilities in specific areas (e.g., music, math)

Boy playing with brain teaser toys
Mother educating her autistic son home

The Davis Autism Approach

The Davis Autism Approach helps autistic individuals to build bridges into understanding the sometimes confusing and challenging world around them. By providing access to our programs, we aim to empower them to unlock their beautiful minds and incredible gifts to benefit each individual and our wider community.

We are passionate about helping others recognize the many gifts that autistic individuals possess so, like us, they can celebrate these beautiful minds and support them in making a positive contribution to the world. 

There is nothing needed to prepare for a consultation!

Initial Consultation is done with the potential client and support person.  It’s designed to get a fuller understanding of the challenges and gifts of the potential client, and to allow the potential client and support person involved to decide if they interested in allowing  me to help them participate more fully in life.