Davis Stepping Stones 1 & 2


The purpose of Davis Stepping Stones 1 Program is to facilitate the individual to complete essential early childhood development stages which are missed, blocked, or reduced due to autistic characteristics, through integrating foundational life concepts and developing self-regulation skills.

Age: 4-8 years
Individuals over the age of 8 with limited verbal ability

Program length: 15 - 30 hours

The purpose of Davis Stepping Stones Program 2, is to build on the previously acquired Davis Stepping Stones concepts and self regulation skills, facilitating additional foundational early childhood development.

Age: 6-8 years

Program length: 15 - 30 hours


Highly trained, caring Davis Autism Approach Facilitators work individually with each client, so the program is delivered at their pace and according to their needs and goals. The Facilitator works with both the client and the helper/support person. Depending upon the age and ability of the client, the Facilitator one-on-one time will vary. In many cases, most of the session will focus on the Facilitator coaching the helper/support person to work with the client at home. Davis Stepping Stones is a four step program.


Firstly, the support person is given a set of self-regulation tools, to assist them to be calm and relaxed while working with the client. Self- regulation tools include:

  • Auditory orientation - Focus
  • Stress management - Release
  • Energy regulation - Dial

Davis® Auditory Orientation

Secondly the client is assisted in becoming more present in the world, developing accurate perceptions and gaining an awareness of self through the use of Davis® Auditory Orientation and self-regulation tools

Fundamental Concepts

Thirdly, a series of fundamental concepts are created using the multisensory medium of plastilina clay. Concepts include:

  • Self
  • Another
  • Others
  • Change
  • Consequence
  • Cause and effect
  • Before and after

Daily Life Experiences

Finally, the learning is consolidated with daily life experiences, essential in allowing the client to integrate the concept for themselves and build a ‘filing system’ for their future thinking and behavior.

Davis Stepping Stones 2 Program

Additional concepts of time, sequence, order and disorder are facilitated following the same format and approach to Davis Stepping Stones.


Davis Stepping Stones 1:

  • Davis Auditory Orientation
  • Davis Stepping Stones manual
  • Plastilina clay (2 lbs. or 1 kg)
  • Clay cutter
  • 2 x Koosh balls

Davis Stepping Stones 2:

  • Davis Stepping Stones 2 manual

Program outcomes

Although no specific changes can be guaranteed, in almost all cases positive and lasting changes have been experienced. Below are general trends that Davis Autism Facilitators see in their clients:

  • Better self-awareness (eg. expressing appropriate pain when injured)
  • Better self-regulation (can calm themselves down)
  • Fewer meltdowns
  • Less resistance to change
  • Willingness to try new things
  • Increased ability to refer to self as ‘I’ or ‘me’
  • Increase in pretend play
  • Growth in language
  • Increased understanding of cause and effect
  • Can follow instructions using the ideas of before and after
  • More able to predict situations
  • Greater understanding of the passage of time
  • Reduced rigidity
  • Better able to understand and follow instructions
  • More flexibility

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Meet the Instructor: Jean Moser

I love helping people learn how to learn . 

I discovered that I am dyslexic while I was in training. It was freeing to realize that, although I struggled in my college studies, it wasn’t because I wasn’t trying hard enough. It was because I needed a different way to learn.

My son struggled to read and do math although he was bright, talented and eager to learn.  After years of trying numerous other things, we found the Davis Dyslexia Correction program. In 5 days, he was reading on grade level.  After completing the math program he was able to do math successfully. He went on to complete college with honors.

The Davis methods use our imaginations (what we’re good at) to help us learn. I have also helped people with the Young Learners kit/program.  I have been licensed for 15 years and have helped over 150 people with these methods. 

Jean moser learning tools for dyslexia