Meet the Instructor:
Jean Moser

I love helping people learn how to learn . 

I discovered that I am dyslexic while I was in training. It was freeing to realize that, although I struggled in my college studies, it wasn’t because I wasn’t trying hard enough. It was because I needed a different way to learn.

My son struggled to read and do math although he was bright, talented and eager to learn.  After years of trying numerous other things, we found the Davis Dyslexia Correction program. In 5 days, he was reading on grade level.  After completing the math program he was able to do math successfully. He went on to complete college with honors.

The Davis methods use our imaginations (what we’re good at) to help us learn. I have also helped people with the Young Learners kit/program.  I have been licensed for 19 years and have helped over 300 people with these methods. 

I have been intrigued by the Davis Autism approach that I read about in Ron Davis's book Autism and the Seeds of Change.  After seeing the difference the reading, math and attention programs made in my clients lives, I wanted to learn more about the programs for autism and ADHD.  I started my training in April of 2022.  It was fascinating, rigorous and very fulfilling.  I had the opportunity to work with two individuals who both enjoyed the work, and began seeing how it could allow them to participate more fully in life.

Since then, I have worked with two younger children - a girl of 8 YO  who struggled to even want to do her school work, and a 5 YO who is on the spectrum.  We worked only 2 hours, one day a week, but within a few months, the 8 YO said reading was easier and thought she could read anything,  And the young boy has exceeded the goals his pediatrician had for him last year.

It's such a privilege to support the growth and change of these wonderful individuals.

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Davis Dyslexia Correction

Davis Math Mastery

Davis Reading Program for Young Learners

Davis Attention Mastery

Davis Autism Approach

Davis Stepping Stones 1 & 2

Davis Concepts for Life

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